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School & Cluster Leadership

Little Ashford seeks to deliver its Purpose through dedicated, energetic and experienced leadership teams. With overall responsibility for a cluster of schools is our Cluster Manager (CM), supported in execution and Finance by our Business Manager (BM) and connecting to your school, our staff and families by our charismatic professional Preschool Manager (PSM).

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Cluster ONE

CM: Natasha Luke 


BM: Christine Smith

School PSMs:

Bryanston: Christine Smith (Acting)

Campus: Amber Empress Melvin

Sandton: Tanita Behrendt

Woodmead: Denielle Vogel


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Cluster TWO

CM: Tamsyn Wilson  


BM: Kathleen Mngadi

School PSMs:

Buccleuch: Drew Ellis

Linden: Kathleen Mngadi (Acting)

Moreleta Park: Sonja Snyman

Petervale: Kirsten Smith

Rosebank: Chelsey Smith


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Cluster THREE

CM: Michelle Prager  


BM: Christine Smith/Kathleen Mngadi

School PSM:

Florida Park: Deidre Allen

North Riding: Cat Williams

Norwood: Rhona Barrett


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Our little ones, parents and school staff engage daily with our PSMs, a senior educator responsible for their day-to-day experience and curricular delivery at school. 

Our BMs have successfully lead preschools and bring along core expertise in early childhood development. They are an important cog in our leadership structure as they champion each school within their cluster's financial, marketing and operational matters - this allows PSMs to predominantly focus on the little ones' learning and development.  

A CMs at Little Ashford, who selects the school PSM  and the Cluster BM, assumes full responsibility for the effective operation of your school and others within their Cluster. Their leadership and industry knowledge sets the direction for a wholesome experience at every school within their Cluster. Leading collectively, so reach out!

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Focused on service delivery & accountability

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