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We make big ideas happen

We Grow Our People

Our Values

At Little Ashford, we bring onboard colleagues based on a distinct match up in values. We seek to build teams of of like-minded people who are aligned to our Purpose and share real passion for our objectives. Truth be told: we do the most important work there is: nurture, the intellectual growth, emotional development, physical confidence & social skills of pre-school children!

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You Belong

At Little Ashford, we play as a team. We understand our roles on local and global stages. We are doing important work, so we encourage our people to bring their authentic selves to work every day without exception. We purposefully create a diverse environment to support the best in us. We welcome, respect and accept everyone – no need to ‘fit in’. Be you.

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Our Culture

We embrace inclusion, diversity and continuous improvement across all our locations. These are underpinned by mutual respect within our environment, where listening to our teams whilst supporting their wellbeing is the cornerstone of our people approach. All of this happens in a space where we are having a LOT of fun together, so join in and play your part!

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Let's Get You Started

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