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Approach to Nutrition

Childhood is a critical period for diets of high nutritional quality as the physiological need for nutrients is high relative to energy needs. In addition, many core eating habits and behavioural patterns are developed during this time.


In line with the World Health Organisation’s Food and Nutrition policy, Little Ashford’s environment is designed to ensure that children enjoy nutritious meals daily.


Our mealtimes are a pleasant social time that encourages children and staff to interact in a relaxed family-like environment.


Little Ashford provides all of your child’s meals and snacks for the school day. Your child will receive a wholesome breakfast, two healthy snacks and a hearty lunch daily, all freshly prepared on site. These regular meals ensure happy and full little tummies.


We have vegetarian and non-vegetarian schools. Our Cooks are trained to manage special dietary requirements such as food allergies, religious preferences and specialised diets.

The following schools implement a non-vegetarian menu:





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