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Why Join Our Network?

Evidence-based, holistic approach

The early years of a child's life are crucial for cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. During these formative years, a solid foundation influences the child's future learning, behaviour, and health. Recognising the importance of this phase, Little Ashford has always prioritised an evidence-based, holistic approach to early childhood education. The "Preschool Near Me, Powered By Little Ashford" initiative, allowing your school to bear the above Little Ashford logo, aims to amplify the reach of our Purpose and, more importantly, seeks to enhance the quality of early childhood education across South Africa, and beyond.

Little Ashford preschool near me

Out-the-box international solution

By partnering with Little Ashford, our affiliate preschool managers/owners are equipped to run successful and effective preschools, from the onset. Furthermore, affiliate preschools benefit from a curriculum enriched with years of research and expertise. It is aligned to global best practices and adapted to the unique socio-cultural fabric of South Africa, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

Little Ashford preschool near me

Equipping educators 

The comprehensive training modules focus on equipping educators with skills to foster creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence in young learners. Moreover, assessment tools are designed to track and nurture individual developmental milestones, ensuring each child receives personalised attention and care. We have many debates and conferences in the pipeline to supplement the network's work, engagement and ability to collaborate!

Little Ashford preschool near me

Financial and time commitment

Your financial investment, a small initial capital outlay & a monthly subscription fee, and time commitment in a "Preschool Near Me, Powered By Little Ashford" partnership is beyond sharing resources or expanding brand presence; It is about collectively uplifting the standard of early childhood education and ensuring every child has the best possible start.

Little Ashford preschool near me

International Framework: EYFS

The EYFS was introduced in the United Kingdom in 2008 and is how the British Government and professionals working with young children describe the important stage in a child’s life between birth and age 5. The EYFS has been updated several times over the years, to take account of current research into how young children learn and develop. The most recent version of the EYFS came into force on 1 September 2021.

Little Ashford preschool near me

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Little Ashford preschool near me
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