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  • Grade R Badges - Term 1

Grade R Badges - Term 1


Enhance your little one's Grade R experience with our exclusive Grade R Badge Bundle (x4 per order) – a delightful collection of achievements captured in charming badges! Each badge narrates a unique tale of accomplishment, creating a cherished keepsake for your preschooler.


Designed for the entire term, this bundle of 4 badges perfectly complements our Grade R Shirt, allowing your child to personalise their shirt and proudly display their achievements. From academic milestones to moments of creativity, these badges encapsulate the essence of their Grade R journey.


Discover the epitome of comfort with this latest addition to the online store, handmade. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this essential item is a neccesity for each Grade R. 


But what sets this item apart is not just its quality and design; it's also our commitment to identifying and selecting the most appropriate items for our online store.


Available in a standard size.

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