We never forget that the below attributes, which are essential to your child's development and our daily focus, are important to you, your child and our reputation:


The Little Ashford Team

We strive to attract and develop competent caring team members who consistently pursue excellence, by operating collectively under a pledge of imagination, innovation, integrity, intellect, integration and influence.

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The Little Ashford communication App

Our bespoke app connects you directly and regularly with your child’s progress, keeping you informed throughout the day and providing continuity for you to support and collaborate with the school, as you interact with your child at home.

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Little Ashford Facilities

We maintain, improve and freshen up our learning environments annually as necessary, to ensure that they remain equipped with relevant and suitable apparatus that is child-centric, safe, secure and clean.

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Little Ashford Safety and Security

The protection of our children and families is of paramount concern to us.  We are committed to high standards in the people, systems and processes that create a barrier of safety and security in a challenging climate of crime and wrongful acts against women and children.  Our very alert security officers remain a cornerstone in this endeavour and all staff are subjected to checks against police records and various offenders registries. Panic buttons, security fencing and camera systems are in place to reduce the possibility of unwanted persons accessing our facilities.

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The Little Ashford Curriculum

The continual development and effective implementation of our curriculum is led by a senior academic and training professional, who is an expert in the education of young children and dedicated to the training and development of the team members who serve and care for our children.  We measure the effectiveness of our curriculum through: a proprietary school assessment platform; the use of suitable technologies; an alignment to ISASA; and a history of enrolment in leading schools.

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Little Ashford Food

Led by a qualified and experienced professional chef, our Central Kitchen delivers consistency in food preparation, with ongoing menu improvements. Nutritional, high quality, interesting meals enable your child to have sufficient energy to learn and play throughout a busy day.

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Little Ashford Hygiene and Health

Team members are obliged to maintain hygiene, health and cleanliness standards in our schooling environment at all times.  We reinforce this discipline with zero tolerance and all our facilities are subjected to regular internal and external inspections, the latter by local authorities.

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Little Ashford Governance

Although we strive at all times to maintain a very personal relationship between parents and the principal and teachers of their child’s school, Little Ashford functions as highly professional company, fully committed to and compliant with all relevant laws and regulations at all times.  Oversight and control is exercised by a highly qualified and experienced board of directors who provide guidance and support to suitably qualified managers, teachers and team members.

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