6 Good wake-up routines for young children

Are you struggling to get your younger children out of bed in the mornings? Creating an effective wake-up routine for kids can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. To help make your mornings go more smoothly, here are six things you can do to create a morning routine for young children.

Not All Children are the Same

In order to efficiently wake your child up in the mornings, you need to understand their habits and what works for them. Just because your nieces or nephews wake up on their own with the help of an alarm clock doesn’t mean your child will be the same. Some kids have a hard time waking up of their own and need a parental nudge to get them out of bed.

Getting Enough Sleep is Essential

If your child doesn’t get enough sleep on a regular basis, then creating a good wake-up routine will be difficult. While adults need seven to eight hours of sleep every night, kids need at least ten hours. More or less sleep will make it extremely difficult for them to get up in the morning, making your job more even more difficult. Make sure they go to sleep around the same time every night, and stay asleep.

Try Encouraging Them in the Mornings

Some kids need a motivational push in the morning to get out of bed. For younger children especially, try being as cheerful as possible when waking them up. Tell them that you love them and that they’ll have a great day. These positive reinforcements will motivate them into having the best day they can.

Yelling Won’t Help

Yelling at your child to get out of bed in the morning will create the opposite effect that the previous tip demonstrated. Being yelled at in the morning will only encourage your child to bury themselves deeper into their bed in order to avoid you. Over time, this behaviour will only increase and your child will likely ignore your wake-up attempts altogether.

Play Their Favourite Music

Whether you’re a child or an adult, waking up to your favourite song playing on the radio is an effective way to get up in the morning. Make a playlist and start your kid’s morning off right. Or, if they aren’t a huge fan of music in the mornings, try playing an audiobook or their favourite podcast to rouse their sleepy curiosity.

Fill the Air with Delicious Scents

There’s no better way to wake children up in the morning then with the smell of their favourite breakfast wafting through the air. Nothing will get them out of bed faster than the promise of freshly cooked bacon, waffles, sausages eggs and more. If you don’t have time in the morning to make them an elaborate breakfast, then you can get them out of bed with the promise of a special treat before school. A donut run is sure to get your kid out of bed without fail.

Another great idea is to enroll your child in a school they can look forward to going to each and every morning. Visit our creche in Randburg today!

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