Unplug AND Play: 7 Easy Ideas for Kids

Are your kids constantly stuck indoors playing on the computer or their phones? While modern technology does have its benefits, it’s essential that children spend time away from their devices as well. To help them overcome this obstacle, here are seven easy and fun ideas for your kids to unplug from the digital world.


Putting together a puzzle, be it 50 pieces or 500, will help your child exercise their problem-solving skills as well as their creativity and cognitive muscles. Pick a puzzle with a character or image they love to encourage them to give completing a puzzle a chance. It’s sure to help entertain them in the moment, and teach them something in the long-haul.

Card Games

A lot can be learned from playing a simple card game. Improving hand-eye coordination, memory, and teaching them about numbers, card games have the potential to be extremely fun and highly educational. Grab a box of cards, stay inside or go outdoors, and play whatever traditional card game comes to mind. There’s so many to choose from that your kids will never be sick of playing with cards!

Family Board Games

With the wide variety of board games on the market, you’ll be able to find something for the family to play for an hour or two. From Monopoly and Clue to Candy Land and Mouse Trap, drag your kids away from their electronics and have some fun playing competitive game with friends and family.

Freeze or Tag

Best played outdoors in an open field, this is a great way to get your kids away from their devices and exercising in the summer air. Running around will help to expel any pent-up energy and tire them out for a good night’s sleep. Whether you play tag, which has one player chasing others around to catch them, or freeze, in which the tagged player must freeze in a specific position, they’ll be in for an active and exciting afternoon.

Hide and Seek

We couldn’t make a list of children’s games without adding in hide and seek! This is an easy game idea that any child would have a blast playing. You can either hide, letting your kid try to find you, or you can try to find your child, who’s likely giggling under the bed or in a closet. Whether you play indoors or outdoors, everyone is sure to have a good time.

Treasure Hunt

At our Pretoria creche, we've found that children love to find hidden treasures around the room, especially if they’re rewarded for it in the end. Get creative by writing down a few clues before the hunt begins, and send your kids off to look for the hidden prize wherever you’ve stashed it. Inside a cereal box, in a cupboards, the choices are endless!

Simon Says

A traditional game that never gets old, Simon says is an easy game that any child would have a blast playing. Simply start a command with “Simon says” if you want your kids to follow whatever it is you’re doing, or avoid saying “Simon says” to test how well they listen and pay attention. This is both a fun and educational game that can be played anytime, anywhere.

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