4 Suggested Summer Reads For Your Child

Summer will soon be in full swing! While your pre-primary school child may be ready to take a break from classwork, studies prove that’s not a great idea. “Summer brain drain” is real. Statistic show that students who keep reading during the months of summer gain about 1 month of proficiency in reading while those who don’t actually lose around 2-3 months-worth.

Age Appropriate

Before you pull the books out, there are a few things you should make sure of. Books should be age-appropriate. If the books you get for your preschool-aged child are too easy, they’ll be bored with them and certainly won’t be challenged. On the other hand, if the books are too difficult, they will be discouraged about their reading abilities. Choosing the right books is a great place to start on your child’s summer reading program.

Make Reading Fun

All too many parents give their children reading assignments that seem like punishment to little ones. It’s important not to use books just to get your child out of your hair. It’s also not conducive to your child’s best interest to make them read during time out or as a prerequisite to playing outside or doing a fun activity. Make reading is THE fun activity. Help your child get interested and excited about reading. After all, reading IS fun!

Pick Books that Interest Your Child

Take your child to the library or bookstore with you so they can choose books that interest them. If you order online, let your child be a part of the shopping. Sure, you can choose some to throw in the mix, but for the most part, books your child actually chooses will be the ones they gravitate to most.

At Little Ashford, we narrowed down some awesome books to get your pre-primary school age child rolling on some hot summer reading:

I See Summer is a book by Charles Ghigana, also known as Father Goose. It’s super easy to read and delights young children as it combines the joys of a summer garden with counting. All the family members join in the fun and your child will love jumping in too.

The Little Red Fort by Brenda Maier is a story about a very imaginative little girl. The book is fast paced enough to keep your little reader’s attention, but not so fast it will lose them.

Mouse’s First Summer is a fun and funny preschool book. Written by Lauren Thompson, your child will easily read along and love the illustrations too.

A Perfect Day by Lane Smith is one of the best preschool books in circulation. This book is very positive, finding many things that make a day simply perfect such as chickadee eating fresh seed from the birdfeeder and a squirrel munching on a corncob. The perfect summer can begin with excellent books like this one.

The best preschool books are ones that teach your child something and interest them as well. Even if it’s learning to share or to be kind, a lesson has been learned. These four pre-primary age books will give your child a start to summer reading, but you sure don’t want to stop at there. Dive in and summer will be a “literal” splash.

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