A Commitment To Continual Education: Little Ashford’s New Staff e-Learning Programme

At Little Ashford, we believe that an effective preschool curriculum is one that undergoes constant development. As new breakthroughs are achieved and new teaching methods are adopted, the bar gets raised higher as our state-of-the-art preschool programmes continually improve. From gathering feedback, implementing new classroom technologies, and optimising our programmes based on historical data, we are able to continually increase the effectiveness of our preschool curriculum.

With these enhancements, comes the necessity to facilitate continuous development in our staff and team members as well. Being leaders in the education space, Little Ashford prides itself in leading by example through incorporating the latest and most collaborative methods of training staff to best serve your child. Heading into the new decade, we decided it is the perfect time to roll-out our new online staff training programme.

In November 2019, Little Ashford introduced a new e-learning platform for its staff and team members. Our goal has always been to attract and develop competent caring team members who consistently pursue excellence, by operating collectively under a pledge of imagination, innovation, integrity, intellect, integration and influence. Now, equipped with our new e-learning programme, we have made it easier than ever for our team to cultivate this pledge by providing them with the tools necessary to do so at their fingertips.

This new online development platform provides in-depth training on every aspect of Little Ashford’s operations and best practices to internal staff. From managing classrooms based on outcomes for each age group; incorporating readings through language rich environments; embedding mathematics into everyday routines; fostering investigation, exploration, and experimentation in the classroom – you name it, we have it! The standard operating procedures (SOPs) for implementing all of the aspects that make Little Ashford stand out as a front-running preschool are included in this groundbreaking initiative in our industry. Furthermore, our tailor-made platform is continuously updated with additional training, videos, and interactive content to promote the ongoing development of the particular needs of our teachers and NHS-Caregivers.

Our staff are of the opinion that e-learning is not only about the convenience and obvious acquiring and upgrading of skills within our organisation but it also ensures a uniform commitment and clarity to not only our basic operations but the quality and purpose we embody as Little Ashford. Others noted that e-learning has given them insight on how

technology has evolved and that there are alternatives to studying at a desk with books.

This platform has been in development for many, many months, and we are excited to announce that it is officially live and in use by our talented staff. Moving forward, Little Ashford will continue to innovate and integrate new approaches that will help to serve your child at the highest level possible. Our new e-learning breakthrough is only the beginning – we look forward to finding new ways to help your child learn through an amalgamation of creativity and fun!

Below are some of the responses received from teachers and Principals:

"It has helped me better my communication with the staff in order to help us empower ourselves as a team."

"It has broadened my understanding of the Little Ashford curriculum and has expanded my views on the ways I teach in class."

"It helped me better my teaching techniques by understanding the different ways you can help children with various learning challenges."

"It helped us come up with ideas to implement certain practises with regard to health and safety within the school environment."

"I feel more empowered today than I did a few months ago as I have really learned alot from the e - learning lessons."

"E-learning is a great way of learning on the go. It gives you insight on how technology has evolved and that studying at a desk with books is now not the only way to go. E-learning is very user-friendly. From young to old we are able to use this without any problems."

We exist to nurture our children's potential!

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