How to Make Mondays Easier For Your Child

Weekends with a little one are awesome. But, many children dread going back to preschool on Mondays - which can make Monday morning and Sunday evening downright miserable, for both your child and yourself. Here are some excellent ways to make Mondays easier for you and your young child:

Sunday Night Bedtime Routine

Monday mornings always go smoother when your child has had enough sleep. The weekends can get hectic and schedules can get out of whack. It’s important to make a special effort to get back to your week-night routine on Sunday, as difficult as it may be.

Focus on the Positive

If you express negativity about Mondays, your child will pick right up on it. Mondays are rough on everyone, but a positive mindset goes a long way. Be aware of anything you say over the weekend about Mondays and on Monday morning as well. “It’s a brand new week!” is a great attitude to go into Monday with because after is.

Find Things for Your Pre-Primary Child to be Excited About

Those of us who aren’t exactly Monday people can relate - it’s imperative to find something to look forward to on Monday, or you’re going to have a blue one. The same is true for your child. Think of ways to get your preschooler excited about Monday. Maybe it will be a new outfit to wear to school, a fun snack to take for lunchtime, or something that’s going on in class. Whatever you can come up with is wonderful. Turn Monday dread around so your child is actually looking forward to the day.

Make Mondays Special

Mondays are notoriously known of as being blue or dreadful. They have the reputation of going from a fun weekend to a drab school week. By making Mondays something to celebrate, you can turn your child’s attitude about them completely around. Have Monday breakfasts be special. Let your child pick a game to look forward to playing Monday after school and cook his or her favorite dinners on Monday evenings. Mondays can be special if you make them that way.

Set Weekly Goals

By helping your pre-primary school child set goals for the coming week, you can encourage them to embrace the week. Create a chart where the two of you write goals. Make the goals achievable and be sure to have some that can be accomplished on Monday. Let your child stick on a star for each goal reached during the week and reward him or her when goals are successfully reached. Be sure the chart starts on Monday so it is thought of as a fresh, exciting day of beginnings.

We Can Help

At Little Ashford preschool, we can help make Mondays easier because children love our school! We strive to be the best preschool around. We work together with pre-primary school children and their parents to make each day a great day. Contact us to learn more about what we have to offer.

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