Guided Reading Activities For Preschoolers

Studies have proven that the more pre-primary school children are exposed to literacy, the better they will do throughout their entire lives. Early childhood reading is imperative to help ensure your child’s success in academics and in life in general.

From nursery school to high school graduation, your child will be required to read in school in order to learn. Those preschool children who excel in reading, typically do well in other academics. Those who are poor readers struggle from pre-primary school onward.

Teachers of the best pre-primary schools such as Little Ashford will be dedicated to teaching your child to read. Guided reading provides differentiated teaching to children within a small group setting. The small group allows each child to receive individualized attention so focus can be placed on their specific needs and their progress can be tracked. Programs can also be instigated by parents of pre-primary children and can be conducted at home. There are also online activities available. The main thing to understand is that nursery school and pre-primary school children get individual attention to improve and advance their reading skills.

Here are some of the all-time best preschool guided reading activities:

ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy is an online reading program. Children are apt to think of this great guided reading activity site as more along the lines of entertainment than school work which makes it a cinch to get your nursery school or preschool child to participate with enthusiasm. This program debuted in 2010 and has made waves in homes and in classrooms around the world. The web and app-based program focuses on basic sight words, letters of the alphabet, and phonetics.

StudyDog Reading

StudyDog Reading uses the core principles of peer-reviewed childhood literacy research and the National Reading Panel in order to teach the fundamentals of phonics, sentence structure, vocabulary, and alphabet recognition. Videos, slideshows, immersive games, and lessons straight from the “Study Dog” himself are used to gain the children’s interest and further their development. The program is available online.

Hooked on Phonics

Hooked on Phonics is a wildly popular reading program for young readers. Both fun and effective, this method that teaches critical reading skills is implemented through 20 minute sessions. Videos, games, books, and even flashcards are used to engage the young learners in this fine program.

You don’t have to use a formal program to do guided reading activities with a child, though. By making fun rhyming games, word and sound games (like switching the first letter in a word, like “cat” to “bat”), and learning the sounds of letters though emphasizing the letter in familiar things in the classroom or around the house, children can learn valuable lessons that will help them when reading. A little creativity by parents and teachers goes a long way.

The best preschools will have one or more guided reading activities and programs in place to help give your child a head start that will elevate your child’s education experience for years to come.

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