End of Year Writing Activities

The end of the school year is getting closer and closer and if your preschooler is like most, he or she is ready to dive into having fun and enjoying the summer sun. As the close of pre-primary school draws in, though, some children may feel a little sad. They will miss their friends and their teacher. They may be a little worried about going on to their next phase, like kindergarten. Many thoughts and feelings can flood into their little heads; it’s a great idea to get these emotions out in a constructive way. And, even if the emotions are all positive, writing is still a very healthy and even fun way to express it. Plus, the writing will no doubt become a treasured keepsake, a reminder of the pre-primary school days and all the memories that were made.

Creative Writing in the Pre-Primary School Classroom

Creative writing is an excellent way for preschool children to reflect on their thoughts and feelings. It also gives them a chance to keep an account of their activities - similar to journaling. As the end of the school year approaches, here are some reasons nursery school and pre-primary school children should be encouraged to write and suggestions on ideas to spur their creativity when they do:

· Promotes self-expression

· Promotes self-esteem

· Fosters creativity

· Ignites imagination

· Helps with reading skills

· Promotes communication skills

Simple Suggestion for Inspiring Preschoolers to Write

Whether you are a teacher or a parent, some ways you can inspire your pre-primary school child to write about the end of the year are:

Picture this!

Find a picture that represents summer, like a swimming pool, the beach, or playing in the green grass underneath the warm sun. Have your preschool child put into words what he or she would like to do in the upcoming summer months. Remind them that the page is a blank slate and what they chose to put on it is their choice - nothing is right and nothing is wrong.


Ask your child what stood out in the school year. This can be what they had the most fun doing, what they learned, or anything else that is memorial about the year.


Children can also express themselves through fiction, much like a good bit of their play is pretend. Children who find it difficult to communicate their own emotions will often shine when they are writing about someone they make up. Have your child or class write a pretend story about a character’s preschool year. What made it the best pre-primary school year ever? Or, the worst? What was learned? What emotions were experienced? Remember to keep it simple and that even a few sentences are an excellent place to start in such an early educational setting. Lower your expectation and raise your appreciation.

The End is just The Beginning

Once your child or class has written about the end of the school year, be sure to lavish on the praise. No matter how lacking the story might be, find as many good things about it as you can and tell your child, over and over, how proud you are. You can’t go wrong by doing this and who knows, you may have a budding writer on your hands.

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