End of Year Reflections & Memories Exercises

The end of the preschool year brings out joy and sadness. Some children are very sentimental about the end of pre-primary school and need some closure. Others are fearing the unknown of kindergarten. Still, the general atmosphere is typically excitement as the summer is near and fun things are abound. Here are some creative and constructive ways children at Little Ashford reflect on memories made during pre-primary school days.


Skits are a fantastic way for children to express what stands out to them about the school year. You can provide minimal guidance because children are usually very good at creating their own adlib. You can have the children do a skit in a team building exercise as a group, or individually. Be sure to applaud once the skit is performed and let each child know how proud you are of them.


Writing a fictional story or a first person account of what was memorable about the first pre-primary school years is an excellent way to end the year. Ask each child to recall what the best thing about the year was, or what they learned. You can do this with minimal guidance so each child thinks of what was memorable and not what they think you are wanting them to write. Self-expression is an excellent quality that stems from activities such as this.


Children can express their feelings and emotions quite well through artwork. Ask your child or class to do art that describes the pre-primary school year they just completed. It can use any medium - like crayons, paint, colored pencils, markers, clay, mosaic, or anything you wish them to use. Letting them choose the medium is excellent too.


Constructive games are one of the best ways to engage children. As the school year draws to a close, find some team building games for the children to play. You can also play a game with one child so they can fully interact.

One great game that can be played with one child or with a full classroom of children is the “ABC Game”. Go through the alphabet and let the child, or children, find a word for each letter that tells something about the pre-primary school year. “A” might be for the apple he or she brought for a snack or gave to the teacher. “B” might be for books he or she learned to read or that were read to them. It’s a fun game and if any of the letters are too difficult, help them out or give them a few free passes to skip some letters. You want it to be fun, not frustrating.

The best primary school activities at the end of the year will sum up what your child has learned, but also will express how they felt about the year in general and how they feel about it coming to an end. Always encourage your child to talk about their feelings. Ask questions and listen closely. Don’t judge or tell them how they should feel...just let them feel.

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