3 Reasons to Institute a “Theme of The Week” to Your Classroom

Beginnings are very important - whether it be your child's first day of school ever, or turning over a new leaf with the first day of school after a long holiday. Either way, it makes perfect sense to start off the year well. In fact, studies show that students tend to decide very early on whether they like the school, the teachers, and their fellow students.

Theme-based learning, or the practice of integrating curriculum areas around themed topics, will help learning become more relevant and fun for your children. It can also help freshen up the classroom for the teachers, too. Introducing a “Theme of the Week” to your classroom is a great way of introducing new topics and helping your children learn in new ways. Three great reasons for why you should incorporate theme-based teachings into your classroom are:

1. It is more fun to teach and learn using different themes

Fun is the key ingredient when it comes to learning. If the children are happy, they’ll be more confident and engaged - which makes the lives of the teachers much easier, too. This combination will make learning and teaching more effective as the children will be more inspired as they expand their mental horizons. Teachers will also benefit from watching their students grow through this new method of theme-based learning.

2. It’ll harness curiosity to motivate learning

Fun and interactive learning is the best way to learn! If a topic or theme intrigues a student, they’ll be more interested in learning about it. They’ll want to know more and they’ll go down a path that will lead them on a journey of collecting more information and ideas. This general curiosity will lead them to greater details and allow them to gain a deeper understanding about said topic. Theme-based learning will has the ability to elicit a greater interest in your young students.

3. Transform yourself from being a teacher to a facilitator of learning

A teacher who institutes a “Theme of the Week” will no longer be a provider of mere facts that were copied from the board or given as homework. Instead, the boundaries of exploration have widen, as the themes and topics of the week will challenge the students to think more broadly on a particular subject, and encourage them to connect different ideas to one another in the real world. Theme-based learning will allow teachers to guide their children towards a self-guided journey full of knowledge.

Theme-based learning is natural for kids

As a structure to integrate and connect different ideas, theme-based learning makes perfect sense for children. It will help them make more connections, transfer knowledge, and understand where to apply it. It will foster comparison, pattern finding, and categorization – the building blocks of the scientific method.

For example, a “Theme of the Week” topic that celebrates birds can include the investigation of birds in the local environment of the students. This can help them connect their learning to real life scenarios, thus deepening their knowledge and understanding of how their learning relates to the real world and their physical surroundings.

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