5 Great classroom Bulletin Board Ideas

Interactive bulletin boards have always been a fantastic way of utilizing vertical classroom wall space as they allow preschool children to move, cooperate, and learn teamwork among in a developmentally appropriate way. It can be a great way for teachers to involve their students in extra-curricular activities that is both fun and interactive.

Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas

Are you ready to involve your students in making interactive bulletin boards? Here are some great bulletin board ideas that will definitely make for a fun learning session.

1. Peek-A-Boo Bulletin Board

This idea would be perfect for the beginning of the school year when the students are getting to know other classmates and teachers.

For using this bulletin board, the students must choose a name, and lift the flap (“Peek-A-Boo”) to reveal their new friend’s picture.

Learning objectives will include – Name recognition, forming relationships, letter recognition, and more.

2. Apple Tree Counting Bulletin Board

This would be a great idea for bulletin boards as it would mark a great beginning of the year board for the fall. Its simple setup would make it an appealing idea for new preschoolers.

For using this bulletin board, the students must place the correct number of apples into different trees.

Learning objectives will include – Hand-eye coordination, number recognition, counting sets till 5, and more.

3. Colors of the Fall Bulletin Board

The focus of this board would be to sort objects by their different attributes such as size, shape, color, texture, and more) and it would be an essential preschool math skill.

For using this bulletin board, the students will need to pick out a leaf from the basket and attach it to the matching tree.

Learning objectives will include – Sorting, identification, early sight word recognition, and more.

4. Pumpkin Shapes Bulletin Board

The students will be visiting an interactive pumpkin far through this bulletin board.

For using this bulletin board, the students will need to “pick up a pumpkin” off the vine. (These felt vines could be found at craft stores as a holiday decoration. They’re perfect as the scratchy part of the Velcro sticks directly to the felt.) The students will have to identify the shape of the pumpkin and “pile” it onto the matching wagon.

Learning objectives will include – Sorting, shape identification, visual discrimination/matching, and more.

5. Five Senses Bulletin Board

Have you been teaching your students about the five different senses of the body using Mr. Potato? This would be the perfect bulletin board idea to complement that topic.

For using this bulletin board, the students will have to choose the part of the potato and attach it to the potato shape. Some students would prefer doing it completely by-the-book while others would prefer making a silly potato head. There isn’t any correct way of making a potato head. This activity will be a win as long as they’re talking and thinking about the 5 senses of the body.

Learning objectives will include – Oral language development, identifying the 5 senses, and more.

Our nursery school in Johannesburg believes in learning that is both fun and interactive. These are only 5 examples of the many bulletin board ideas we implement in our classrooms.

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