The Best Fun and Educational Gifts for Preschoolers

Parents only want the best for their child, no matter how old they are. You need to make sure they’re able to properly adapt to the fast-paced world around them, especially when it comes to technology. Toy manufacturers have understood this concept for years, and have made some amazing toys that are equally educational and fun to learn with. If you’re stumped on what to give your preschooler to help in their development, then here are six gift ideas that are sure to be successful.

Alphabetical Gifts

It’s great for your child to know the letters of the alphabet by the time they’re four-years-old. With the variety of toys out there that focus on helping children learn the alphabet, a lot of preschoolers are able to recite most, if not all, of the 26 letters. However, don’t be discouraged if your child doesn’t fit that mold, as they all learn at their own pace. Finding an educational gift that not only helps them to identify the letters but understands the sounds as well as distinguishes upper-case letters from lower-case letters is ideal.

Numerical Toys

Numbers and letters go hand in hand when it comes to the development of a

preschooler. Recognizing numbers is yet another valuable concept that younger children should learn early on. Just like with the alphabet, there are an endless amount of toys on the market that can help teach your child about numbers in an effective and fun way. Being able to count to ten or higher correctly, as well as count objects is a valuable learning skill.

Musical Gifts

Musical toys and stimulation have been proven to help children develop mentally.

It’s a common teaching mechanism, particularly in learning through songs and nursery rhymes. Many toys that utilize musical elements are highly appealing to preschoolers, and provide a fun way for them to learn. There’s also evidence to support that children who are exposed to music and musical instruments at an early age perform better academically.

Pattern Recognition Toys

Being able to both identify and replicated patterns is something a preschooler should be able to do. If not, then there are a wide variety of toys available that focus on pattern sequences, shapes, and colours. Children around the age of four or five should be able to arrange objects by size, identify up to 10 colours correctly and make comparisons between different objects.

Reading Presents

Now, we’re not saying that you should give a preschooler a book that’s meant for an eight or ten-year-old. However, picking out a few interesting picture books for your child will help them to learn how to identify images as well as vocabulary words. It’s an easy way to jump-start their reading and language development, particularly in recognizing words and sounds that rhyme.

Language Toys

Any toys that encourage the use of language and creativity are extremely valuable when it comes to child development. A preschooler should be able to have a handle on their fine motor skills and be able to grasp small objects like crayons and small toys. This usually works best with toy sets, big and small.

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