5 Logical Thinking Games for Preschoolers

Thinking games provide children with a fun activity they can do while indoors. Whether they’re in school, at a family dinner or going for a car ride, this is the perfect way for them to stay engaged with other kids without resorting to distracting electronic devices. If you want to keep your preschooler away from a screen and exercising their brains, then here are five great logical thinking games you can play with them at any time.

“I See a...” Rhyme

This is a great game for preschoolers who love vocabulary. Playing with two or more children, one of them with start off with a simple sentence, like “I see a bed.” The next player will need to state the same sentence, but rhyme the last word with the previous one. For example, “I see a bed,” could be followed by “I see a head,” and so on until there are no more rhymes left. That’s when it’s time to move onto a new word entirely!

Story Time

Much like the “I see a rhyme” game, storytime has players creating a story off of each other's sentences. Going one at a time, the first child will begin the story with one sentence. Then the next child will come up with another sentence to keep the story going. This game can be altered in many ways, such as having each child add in a simple word or a complete paragraph to keep the story going.

Naming Five

The game of ‘naming five’ is a great way to get your preschooler thinking quickly while also expanding their vocabulary when it comes to specific categories. Choosing a category like countries, flower types or Disney characters, your child will need to name five things from that category that start with an’ A’. Playing through the alphabet, whether alone or with friends, they’ll have to keep naming five things until they’ve reached the end of the line.


This is a game about logic and forward-thinking. Playing with two or more kids, the first preschooler will start the game off with a sentence such as “Fortunately, my teammate hit that ball.” The next player will then go, “unfortunately, the ball went over a fence,” and the game will continue on until someone gives up.

Timed Categories

This is a game that will test your preschooler when it comes to naming the most things in a specific category. Grabbing a timer of sorts, whether it’s the one on your phone or an old school egg timer, pick a category of your or your child’s choice. From animals and plants to foods and other games, there are a variety of categories to choose from. Setting a one-minute timer, have your child come up with as many items within the category as they can.

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