4 Fun and Easy Crafts for Kids

Are you looking for some fun and simple crafts to do with your kids? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we have four amazing craft ideas that any kid would have a blast doing!

Pour-Painted Flower Pots

Have your kids create a one-of-a-kind flower pot simply by pouring bottles of acrylic paint over it. Your flowers are sure to pop up even more when they’re planted in these creative little gems. Grabbing a plain flower pot, be sure to tape up any holes at the bottom to keep the paint from running through. Tape it from the inside of the pot. Next, to create a marbling effect, with the bottom of the flower pot facing up, you and your kids can pour different coloured acrylic paints over the pot, making sure they drip down the sides. Keep going until you’re all satisfied with the pattern and leave it to dry completely for about a day or two.

Paper Plate Ice Cream Cones

Nothing’s better than a refreshing ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day! Keep you and your kids cool with this fun and easy craft, customizing it with your favourite ice cream flavour. Grabbing a plain, white paper plate, cut it into the shape of an ice cream scoop and paint it whatever colour you want. While that’s drying, grab some brown paper and cut out a triangle as your cone. You can make this ice cream cone craft as big or small as you want. Next, draw a criss-cross pattern across your cone before gluing your ice cream top to it. Now you can

decorate your scoop with sprinkles, draw on some chocolate chips and top your cone off with a pom-pom cherry.

Salt Dough Starfish

Do you and your kids love going to the beach? Well, bring the beach home by making tons of these easy salt dough starfishes. All you’ll need are two cups of flour, two cups of salt and one cup of water. Be sure to mix all your ingredients together thoroughly before kneading it into a soft ball of dough. Now it’s time to shape your starfish, either using a star-shaped cookie cutter or shaping the five arms of a starfish by hand. Once you and your kids have created starfishes you like, now it’s time to customize them! You can use a pencil to poke small holes throughout for some added realism, as well as rolling tiny balls of dough and

sticking them to the surface to make it look more 3D.

Tie-Dyed Sheets

Whether you’re using a plain towel or bed sheet, you can create a customized tie-dye masterpiece in a short amount of time. Laying your material on a flat surface, use duct tape to write out your kid’s name, their favourite animal, favourite food or whatever they want across the front. Putting on a pair of gloves, here comes the fun part! Adding dye colours to separate spray bottles that contain water, spray your colours one by one across the fabric, moving from one corner to the other. Do so in whatever pattern you desire before letting it sit to air dry for a few hours. For added intensity, flip your material over and apply dye to the same areas, either reflecting the colours on the other side or creating a new pattern altogether. Once both sides are dry, remove the tape and rinse the material in cold water. You’ll be left with an awesome DIY towel or blanket that your kid is sure to love.

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