4 Collaborative game ideas for young children

Children can get bored pretty easily, which is why it’s essential that you come up with exciting new ways for them to spend their time. Collaborative games not only do this, but they also encourage socializing among other kids. Here are four fun collaborative games young children are sure to enjoy.

Cold Wind Blows

This is a great outdoor activity that doesn’t require anything other then a few chairs and a large playing area. With 10 to 15 players needed, arrange the chairs into a circle. As with musical chairs, make sure there is one less chair than there are players. Every child except one will sit on a chair, with the one child standing in the middle of the circle of chairs. This child will then say “a cold wind blows for anyone who…” before pointing out a distinct characteristic, like a yellow shirt or an eye color. The players that fit the criteria will have to get up to find a new seat. However, the player in the center will also be trying to steal a seat for themselves. The game will continue on, with one less seat each round, until only one player is left.

Bob, the Weasel

This is another game children can play while seated in a circle. With 8 to 15 kids, all you’ll need is an object that can be passed around easily and in secret, as well as space to play. While seated in the circle, one player will be chosen to stand in the centre as ‘Bob, the weasel.’ This child will have to determine the location of the object as it passes from child to child behind their backs. If ‘Bob’ makes a wrong guess, then the game continues with them still in the middle. However, if ‘Bob’ chooses right, then the child holding the object becomes ‘Bob.’

Look Up, Look Down

This is the perfect game to play during any occasion, from picnics and birthday parties to the schoolyard. This is also yet another game which involves children making a circle. With 15 to 20 players, everyone will need to stand one to two feet apart. Once the circle is properly formed, all players must look down. A moderator, whether it’s an adult or another child, will tell everyone in the circle to look up, toward the other players. If a child looks up at a player and that player is staring back at them, then the two must leave the circle. The game will continue until there are only two or three players remaining.

Three Things and a Theatre

This is a unique collaborative game idea that not only encourages creativity, but quick problem-solving as well. All you’ll need is 9 to 12 players, a few everyday objects and space for the children to perform. To start, three children will be picked and sent off to create a skit. The remaining children will choose three objects that the performers will have to used as props. After putting on a three-minute performance, another three players will be chosen, and the game will go on until everyone has performed.

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