Jackal Creek Golf Estate, Boundary Road, North Riding, 2169

Hours of Service:

Monday – Friday: 07:00 – 17:30


+27 (10) 222 0291



Our preschool curriculum is predicated on a comprehensive understanding of early childhood development. As such, it focuses on developing all core areas essential to influence life milestones.

For example, our focus on social development, among others, is based on the understanding that the foundations of social competence that a child develops in the first five years have significant effects on their emotional well-being later on in life. 

We combine a wide body of knowledge to offer a fully comprehensive approach to preschool education at our creche in North Riding. MORE ABOUT OUR DAILY FOCUS

Open Longer

Most our schools open from 07:00 (some 06:45) until 17:30, every day, throughout the year.

Great playgrounds

Discover our well-equipped playgrounds, complete with jungle gyms, slide, sandpit and (some) a mud kitchen.

Creative spaces

Creatively designed, with multi-purpose rooms, with common spaces filled with fun.

Always learning

Professional development is core to our service. We support our educators to further their education.

Friendly Preschool

We are creating the best experience for our children, parents, teams and communities.

Safe & secure school

We are integrated within our communities. We roll up our sleeves and connect with those around us.

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