Frequently asked questons at Littl Ashford


1. Admission letter for successful applicants ONLY: Conditions of Admission | Click here to sign Conditions of Admission.

5. COMPULSORY Debit order form/Fees are available below:

Debit order online form | School fees

9. Should you have any queries, please send them to your school Principal, or if Accounts specific, email here.

2. Send us immunisation card & birth certificate - please send directly to your school.

6. Apply for MySchool and designate your school as a beneficiary. This is awesomely helpful to us: Do it now!

10. Little Ashford social media platforms are our primary methods of giving you some insight into what and how we do things so hope along and Like/Follow us - links in website footer! 

3. Access to Online Statement: Accounts will send you your monthly statement of accounts. Please ensure it is up to date. 

7. Register for Little Ashford NEWS & Year Calendar: ​Register now | Calendar (select your school)

11. Contact us - we are here to assist and make your journey easier to navigate - we will continue to strive to get it right:

Email Accounts/call 011 883 0967

School specific? contact your school directly​.

4. Before 1st day, settle (i) enrolment fee, (ii) 1 month fee & (iii) annual equipment levy:

Payment instructions & banking details

8. Packing for Little Ashford for your child's first day and thereafter. Have a look at our menus too.

12. After all is said and done - Welcome to Little Ashford!

All The BEST!


> From 3 months of age to Grade 00 & R

> Monday - Friday from 07:00 to 17:30


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