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We create education and development products of the future. Our cutting-edge technology, visionary team and unrelenting work ethic put us miles ahead of the competition.

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by Little Ashford

With 15+ years of experience in childhood development and owning more than a  dozen schools, Little Ashford curates and shares some distinctive creations. 

The detail

We are focused in making our world more sustainable. We create with industry leaders, using precision technology.


Each creation should be made with attention to detail, in every stage of the process. Experience your uniqueness.  


Design and create beautiful pieces. Express yourself with us. Could we, perhaps, collaborate? The possibilities!


Our creative philosophy is a vital cog of our identity. Learning and development shapes our direction, so does beautiful decor :-)

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Tel. 27 11 883 0950
Tel. 27 11 883 0967

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by Little Ashford

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